Our Story

It started with a question I had been asking myself for years, not only professionally, but also on a personal level...


The need to address this, inspired me to create a platform where women can feel more engaged and supported during their prenatal to postnatal journey. Knowledge empowers and with it can bring a community of women together who are better equipped to make proactive choices which not only benefit their health and nutritional needs but those of their baby. 

With this, Maternally Happy was born ☆


Hi, my name is Caitlin, the founder of Maternally Happy!
I am a Registered Midwife & Nurse based in Melbourne, Australia.
Through my experience working in the healthcare industry and drawing on my own health journey, there are two significant areas of concern that have been identified.

  1. Our approach to healthcare has become reactive rather than proactive

  2. The healthcare industry should be doing more to engage with women and offer holistic health choices and therapies which are tailored towards the individual rather than the collective. 

Women's health is a personal and intimate journey. We want to make sure that every woman, no matter their story, possesses the knowledge and has the confidence to make a positive impact on their life, their baby’s life and the lives of others.

Did you know that as many as 95% of prenatal women are deficient in a key vitamin or mineral? Nutritional requirements increase significantly during pregnancy and lactation, placing greater demands on a woman’s body in order to support baby's growth and development as well as maternal milk production.

Women in general, experience changes in their hormones, weight, skin, digestion and nutritional needs which can become more pronounced during pregnancy. It is increasingly important that women have access to a broad range of information and products which can address many of their individual nutritional and wellness goals.

Our vision at Maternally Happy is to help create a new health focus for women so they have a greater awareness of the connection between their internal and external health environment. We want to nurture this holistic approach by offering a carefully selected range of natural and organically sourced products which can help optimise your health, and support you through your prenatal to postnatal journey.

Maternally Happy believes that every woman deserves the right to feel their best from the inside-out. This should be a daily expectation, not simply a fleeting moment in your everyday life.


Our brand is body-positive, maternally focused and aimed towards improving women’s overall health. We are passionate about what we do, our products, and most of all, our community of beautiful women. Our products are designed, formulated and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards, to support you through all stages of motherhood.

We carefully consider and then select premium and quality health based products because you and your baby deserve the very best. The raw materials sourced and used are tested for their purity and potency which ensure their safety and efficacy. 

By investing in your health, you invest in your baby's future


Did you notice the Mum and baby sloth at the top of our logo?

If not now you have!

Unfortunately society today has become focused on what's negative in the world rather than looking at the positives ☼

'Glass half empty' type thinking, instead of 'glass half full'. This can take a toll on our health, wellbeing and general state of happiness. Sometimes we need to take a step back and be reminded of the positive, joyful times in life such as pregnancy, the birth of a precious new life or even simply, for some women, regaining your period after years of amenorrhea (no period).

Our sloth is a friendly reminder to remain positive and to be cool, calm and collected. Don't stress the small things, let us take care of that for you.