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Megan Haralampou

Better known as The Biomedical Naturopath on Instagram. She is an over qualified Naturopath having completed two degrees. A Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences. She brings evidence-based practice to holistic health using functional labs, pathology interpretation alongside targeted supplements and diet and lifestyle strategies. She’s highly trained to accurately understand pathology results, this is her secret sauce. Looking not for what’s “in range” but what is optimal. She leaves no stone unturned, with the motto “test don’t guess”. She is incredibly passionate about women’s health, and is highly skilled in all aspects of women’s health, gut health, mental health, fertility and pregnancy care. Megan wants nothing more than to see her clients reach their fullest health potential free of symptoms by helping them get the root cause of their health challenges.

- Karina Marschall

Karina is a degree qualified Naturopath specialising in all things women’s health, fertility, hormone health and more. She runs a busy online clinic which allows her to reach you wherever you are ~ all over Australia and NZ!
Karina offers 1 on 1 consultations in which her particular focuses are developing sustainable lifestyle and nutritional practices to get you into optimal health. She loves combining traditional herbal wisdom with up-to-date scientific evidence to create individualised treatment protocols using herbs and supplements, tailored to suit you and your unique needs.
Instagram handle @karinamarschall_naturopath

Jacyln Cave

Jaclyn was drawn to Naturopathy due to its integrated approach and understanding that humans are whole, intelligent beings, and not just a cluster of separate symptoms to be addressed. She works in a bio-individualised and holistic manner.

Her treatment utilises a range of tools including nutrients, herbal medicine, movement, and lifestyle education. She feels strongly about educating her clients by giving them the tools they need to take their health into their own hands, for the long term. Empowering people to be able to make their own, health-promoting choices is what she loves to do.

Treatment focus areas:

  • Hormonal complaints - PMS, PCOS, PMDD
  • Irregular menstrual cycles - Amenorrhoea, HA, post-pill
  • Reproductive health, fertility
  • Preconception, pregnancy, and post-natal care
  • Skin - Acne, hormonal acne
  • Nervous system health - Energy, fatigue, sleep disorders

Contact details:

Instagram: @jaxcave @halsa_health

Riannon has over 15 years experience in the health industry & over 9 years as a Naturopath.

She has worked for an International Thyroid & Hormonal clinic as a Head Naturopath & trained many other Naturopaths in her field.

She specialises in Women Hormones, Thyroid conditions & all-things Fertility, pregnancy & postpartum!



Meg is a Naturopath based in Sydney and practices Australia-wide via her virtual clinic. Meg listens compassionately to your health journey, meets you where you’re at and goes at your pace. With your health goals in mind, she intertwines the traditional practices and art of naturopathy with evidence-based research to support your body’s innate ability to heal.

Clinical focus:
* Menstrual health - PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, post-pill
* Fertility, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum
* Skin conditions - acne
* Mental health & nervous system - sleep, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, postpartum depletion
* Babies - nutrition, constipation, eczema
Contact details: