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TPC Educational Course

(Coming soon)

It’s time to change the way we approach healthcare. 

Instead of being reactive to care, let’s start looking at things proactively. 

Unfortunately the healthcare system today tends to take a bandaid approach for conditions instead of getting to the root cause of why you may be experiencing certain symptoms and subsequently conditions. 

My education channel is all about proactive care while of course discussing the importance of medical management where appropriate. I want to help you feel educated, informed and confident with your health decisions and your prenatal to postpartum period and beyond.

So how will my education channel help?

  • Gain confidence in your nutritional, lifestyle and supplement choices. 

  • Receive access to my complete supplement database at your finger tips (supplements I use and recommend for my very own clients). Including; prenatals, omega 3, magnesium, choline, vitamin D, iron, B12, folate and much more. 

  • Learn how to optimise your preconception period. Everything from PCOS to sperm health, prenatal recommendations, genetic testing, plus much more.

  • Learn about each trimester of pregnancy, what to expect, comprehensive nutritional requirements, common testing/alternatives and holistic midwifery guidance.

  • Learn how to navigate, minimise and manage common pregnancy and postpartum conditions the proactive way with comprehensive protocols available weekly. Some of these conditions which will feature include: Pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, mastitis, pain management, wound repair, nausea and vomiting, headaches, iron deficiency, swelling etc,

  • Gain access to my blood test cheat guide and gain an understanding into your blood work and what your results mean. Hint: We want optimal ranges not accepted ranges

  • Learn about low tox products and the importance of them with hundreds of product recommendations at your finger tips. Gain an understanding about common toxins and how to minimise them in your everyday life. 

  • Learn about additives in your food and supplements and let me help guide you on making high quality choices for you and your family.

  • Gain an understanding about your newborn, common conditions to be aware of, nutritional requirements, starting solids and navigating baby formula (one of my most frequently asked questions)

There will be downloadable PDFs and hyperlinks throughout my channel for ease of reference. 

How is this different to my Instagram content?

  • I can provide specific supplement recommendations (I cannot do this on Instagram)

  • I can go into extensive detail on this platform and am not limited by a word count.

  • My content is organised into sections making it easy to navigate to find exactly what you need.

  • I provide you with PDF downloads that are not available on Instagram.

  • I provide you with specific prenatal to postpartum protocols and how to best manage conditions through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements etc. This is not typically provided in mainstream healthcare.

  • I provide you with all of this information at a fraction of the cost of my consultation fee making it accessible and affordable.

It's time to take the guess work out of your care

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