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Article: 5 Reasons Women Choose Maternally Happy Supplements

5 Reasons Women Choose Maternally Happy Supplements

5 Reasons Women Choose Maternally Happy Supplements

Maternally Happy (MH) products were created for women in their prenatal to postpartum period and beyond.

Unfortunately care is often reactive.

We wanted to be a change that was both positive, and proactive to women's care.

Here are 5 reasons women choose, and continue to choose MH supplements:

1. They are formulated by a Registered Nurse/Midwife & Nutrition Consultant

Anyone can develop a supplement range, but qualifications are important.

The products at MH have been scientifically formulated by the founder, Caitlin who is a RN/RM & Nutrition Consultant. Caitlin has an understanding of the midwifery and nutritional components of formulating supplements for this specific season of life.

Having an understanding of the research and science behind ingredients is important when formulating any product. Quality, efficacy and accessibility are three of the main foundations MH strives to achieve with their supplement range.

Caitlin has a sound understanding behind the pathophysiology and increased nutritional requirements during the prenatal to postpartum period. This season of life comes with changes; physically, mentally and emotionally. This can leave women susceptible to deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, depletion and subsequently, certain conditions. MH’s aim is to develop proactive, natural products that support you holistically, allowing you to thrive. 

Caitlin has juggled running this business, all while working shifts as a midwife and nurse at a busy public hospital in Melbourne. Now she supports and guides countless women through nutrition consultations all while running MH. If you'd like to learn more about our founder, she also has an educational page on her Instagram account called @thepregnancyculture

Here you will learn about proactive midwifery care and holistic nutrition, as well as low-tox education (one of Caitlin’s passions)

2. Manufactured in QLD, Australia and sourced from premium ingredients

Manufacturing: Choosing a quality manufacturer is extremely important when developing a supplement range. We use a manufacturer who strictly operates and is accredited under HACCP and ISO9001 standards. Quality and safety are of the upmost important to our manufacturer, as well as our business. We believe that manufacturing our products here in Australia is important for not only quality but also to support our local economy.

Ingredients: Every ingredient in MH's supplements has a purpose. We believe no blend should contain additives, gums or unnecessary fillers. With Caitlin’s passion for low-tox products she developed her supplement range to ensure all supplements were free from ‘cheap’ or ‘filler’ ingredients, just the way they should be. All ingredients have been carefully selected and  sourced and we have sold out a number of times to ensure we continue to supply high quality supplements to our community.

3. They are third party heavy metal and microbiological tested

The majority of supplements on the market do not third party test their products. 

Why is this important you ask? 

If products aren’t third party tested, we are simply assuming that the ingredients used are high quality as determined by the supplier. 

At MH we do not feel comfortable making those assumptions and want to ensure our products continue to remain high quality for our peace of mind, as well as our community.

Because of this, all of our supplements are third party heavy metal and microbiologically tested. Heavy metals are everywhere, from the water we drink, to the food we consume everyday. By testing for heavy metals, this ensures that the levels in our products are safe and comply with accepted values as determined by food standards Australia & New Zealand. All of our products are analysed and come back well below the accepted range.

The same principle applies for microbiology testing. We are testing to ensure no harmful levels of bacteria are identified in the ingredients sourced.

4. MH supplements are recommended by many heath professionals including: Naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, midwives, lactation consultants, GPs, obstetrians etc: 

Have a read of what some health professionals have to say about MH collagen:

"I recommend collagen to just about all my clients heading into pregnancy. It’s great at supporting skin elasticity and to support joints and ligaments that have to support all that extra growth. An extra bonus, collagen can also help rebuild, restore and heal after birth."

- Karina Marschall - Women’s Naturopath

"Collagen powder is a great supplement for pregnant women and mothers because it contains an array of amino acids which help to satisfy hunger, control blood sugar, nourish skin and ligaments, and also help repair birth wounds. It also helps the circulatory system adapt in pregnancy! I recommend it to almost all of my pregnant clients and it is a must-have for all my postpartum mamas, too."

 - Emma Morris - Clinical Nutritionist

"Collagen supports the structural integrity of human tissue. With this is mind, it's easy to see why the body's demand for collagen is high during pregnancy and lactation. Optimal collagen intake supports the endometrium for fertility, helps the development and function of the placenta, helps to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and can help in reducing swelling."

 Emily Bohn - RN/RM/IBCLC

"I absolutely LOVE this product, for myself and those in my care. My hair and nails feel epic and I believe it has played a part in my prolapse healing. I highly recommend it!"

- Bernadette Lack - RM/PT

5. Over 460 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star reviews

Our products are loved and recommended by many, with over 460 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star reviews and counting! We are still in the early stages of developing products having operated for just under 3 years. We have more products planned for early next year. Any guesses!?

Have a read of 3 of her favourite reviews below:

"Absolutely love this product!!! I have followed the pregnancy culture for a long time even before considering conceiving however didn’t think I was someone who needed a supplement.. I regret not taking it earlier! I always had irregular cycles and felt crap in general but just accepted that’s how life was and I’d maybe fix it when we wanted a baby. After trying for a few months and having not much luck with wild LH levels I gave it a go and wish I had of sooner! Within the first month I had a normal cycle, I felt better, my cravings for sugar were reduced heaps and I was sleeping better. I also love that there’s no taste it means having it with a glass of water isn’t something I dreaded. I fell pregnant a month after starting myo- inositol and I believe it definitely helped. I’m now still taking the powder in pregnancy! Couldn’t recommend enough ❤️"

- Amy M (verified buyer)

"I just wanted to thank you for your product the Myo-Inositol!!! I was really struggling at the beginning of the year with hormone regulation and irregular periods. Everything just felt really off in my body for the past two years and it was getting worse and worse. My doctor wanted to put me on weight loss medication, but I just felt that wasn’t the answer even though I was gaining weight for seemingly no reason (I’m active, eat well, healthy lifestyle etc.). My mood was just all over the shop, as well, and afternoon food cravings were SO intense!! After a few weeks of taking Myo-Inositol back in January this year, I noticed some pretty quick changes in my overall mood being more balanced and my afternoon cravings subsided (still there but just more normal, not so intense). AND now after my third menstrual cycle after using Myo-Inositol, I can affirmatively say that my cycle has been restored—-from a 42 day cycle, back to my regular 29 day cycle. So I wanted to thank you so much for bringing this product to the general public and making it so accessible, and for addressing women’s hormonal health in a way that feels both medically sound and ethically responsible, but also compassionate and best of all, effective. I also wanted to say that I really admire your branding. From your website to your packaging, I was instantly impressed and felt as though this was something I could try that would be safe for my body (which ordering off the internet is not always the case). Your story was really reassuring, just knowing that I was in the hands of someone who had been a midwife and had assisted women in maternal cares. So please know that you’re doing an awesome job and I, for one, will be repurchasing and recommending to all my friends who have similar issues (there are quite a few.) You’ve brought a lot of hope to me, and I’m sure many other women who have tried your products. Thank you again!! I’m wishing you all the best for your business growth 🙏"

- Jessica H (verified buyer)

"After my first pregnancy I suffered terrible hair loss around my temples and it never really grew back by the time I fell pregnant again at 16 months postpartum. This time I decided to try Maternally Happy unflavoured collagen as soon as I gave birth in July 2021. The photo on the left was taken in November 2021 at peak hair loss, after one tub of collagen. The photo on the right was taken in January 2022, two months later, after two tubs of collagen total. The growth has been incredible and I can't believe how quickly it has grown back. I didn't get these baby hairs the first time round so I truly believe the only difference is the collagen. I am so thankful to Maternally Happy; my confidence has grown and I no longer need to hide my bald patches. Would recommend to any new mum."

- Monique M (verified buyer)

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