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Pre-Sale: Myo-Inositol

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Please note this is for pre-sale only.

Due to supply chain issues, inflation, ensuring a continued high standard of ingredients and testing, the cost of Myo-Inositol has now increased to $59.99 per unit. This will commence once we receive new stock.

Once stock has been received, your order will be sent out and you will be notified via email. The estimated date is now the last week of September, 23. 

Take advantage of pre-sale pricing for the next few weeks!


Maternally Happy, Myo-Inositol is pharmaceutical grade, 100% pure powder and is third party heavy metal and microbiological tested to ensure high quality.

Myo-Inositol is fundamental for cell membranes, reproductive health, metabolic disorders and for optimal functioning of the nervous system. 

'Myo-inositol is important to consider for those with insulin resistance, metabolic disorders, PCOS, irregular cycles, diabetes and those with or at risk of gestational diabetes. Elevated levels of glucose reduce Myo-Inositol levels in tissues and increase its breakdown and elimination via the kidneys. Myo-inositol has a high safety profile and has been used safely for decades.'


- Myo-Inositol (100%)

Third party heavy metal and microbiological tested

How To Use:

- As a dietary supplement start with 1/2 - 1 level teaspoon. This is equivalent to a 2-4g dosage

- 1/2 tsp = Approximately 2g

- 1 tsp = Approximately 4g

- Up to 150 serves per package depending on dosage

- Shelf life is currently 12+ months, however always refer to your individual container packaging

This product is sold as food only, please consult your health professional prior to use and for individualised dosage. 

Pre-Sale: Myo-Inositol
Pre-Sale: Myo-Inositol Sale price$33.00 Regular price$40.00