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Frustrated with the mainstream reactive approach to maternity care?

You have come to the right place! We have something for every part of your journey. Explore our range of courses/modules below, each priced to accommodate every budget. Customise your selection to your specific needs, wherever you are in your prenatal to postpartum journey.

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Preconception To Motherhood Course
Blood Test Database
Blood Test Database
Sale price$49.99
Supplement Database
Supplement Database
Sale price$49.99
Low Tox Course
Low Tox Course
Sale price$59.99

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Welcome to our comprehensive and holistic, prenatal to postpartum course. This extensively researched course, backed by over 2500 scientific references, includes 286 lessons and 111 PDF files, revolutionising the way we approach healthcare.

This course begins from the very beginning, covering everything from prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum, and newborn care. It incorporates essential elements including nutrition, optimal blood test ranges, vital supplements to consider, and emphasises the significance of choosing low-tox products. These aspects are especially crucial during this significant period, ensuring that the course offers a thorough and proactive approach to both care and well-being.

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Typically, results aren't thoroughly analysed or reviewed unless values significantly deviate from these established medical or reference ranges. In this database, I introduce you to the concept of “optimal” ranges, as used by functional practitioners. These ranges are usually more narrow, focusing on levels that support optimal health, rather than just falling within a broad 'normal' spectrum.

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high quality supplement recommendations that you actually absorb

With all the supplements on the market, coupled with clever marketing, it is no wonder a lot of us are left confused as to which supplement to buy. My experience in supplement formulation has given me insight into the industry's various cost-cutting tactics, such as using synthetic vitamins and unnecessary additives.

In this database, I will delve into key supplements that are beneficial during the prenatal to postpartum period. I'll discuss their roles and benefits, and then provide you with recommendations to help guide you towards making informed, evidence-based choices.

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looking to minimise toxins in your life for good?

As someone who has personally navigated PCOS and hormonal imbalances, I've found that reducing my toxin exposure and choosing cleaner products, has significantly improved my symptoms. It's also empowered me to make better choices for my reproductive health and for my future family.

This course is easy to navigate with 300+ low tox product recommendations, enabling you to make positive health changes quickly, no matter where you are in your prenatal to postpartum journey.

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kind words

Proactive, not reactive education

Contains proactive & holistic prenatal to postpartum education that is rarely discussed in our reactive health care system.

Experience & Expertise

Developed by a RN/RM/Nutrition Consultant with over 7 years experience. The very first course combining holistic midwifery/nursing with nutritional components for optimal health outcomes.


Access to a community of like minded individuals to offer support and ask questions.

User friendly- even granny could use it

Phone and desktop friendly, where you can login anywhere, anytime. Our courses are designed to be self paced.


We don't believe in ongoing charges. One time payment with content updated yearly to ensure we remain evidence based