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Collagen Protein - Unflavoured

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Karina Marschall

Women’s Naturopath

"I recommend collagen to just about all my clients heading in to pregnancy. It’s great at supporting skin elasticity and to support joints and ligaments that have to support all that extra growth. An extra bonus, collagen can also help rebuild, restore and heal after birth."

Emily Bohn


"Collagen supports the structural integrity of human tissue. With this is mind, it's easy to see why the body's demand for collagen is high during pregnancy and lactation. Optimal collagen intake supports the endometrium for fertility, helps the development and function of the placenta, helps to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and can help in reducing swelling."

Emma Morris

Clinical Nutritionist

"Collagen powder is a great supplement for pregnant women and mothers because it contains an array of amino acids which help to satisfy hunger, control blood sugar, nourish skin and ligaments, and also help repair birth wounds. It also helps the circulatory system adapt in pregnancy! I recommend it to almost all of my pregnant clients and it is a must-have for all my postpartum mamas, too."

Bernadette Lack

RM/Personal Trainer

"I absolutely LOVE this product, for myself and those in my care. My hair and nails feel epic and I believe it has played a part in my prolapse healing. I highly recommend it!"




"My confidence has grown and I no longer need to hide my bald patches. After my first pregnancy I suffered terrible hair loss around my temples and it never really grew back. This time I decided to try Maternally Happy collagen as soon as I gave birth. The regrowth has been incredible and I can't believe how quickly it has grown back.

Monique M (Verified Buyer)


"I still use it postpartum and it has made the world of difference for my skin, and especially my hair, the baby hairs are definitely reducing!"

Joanne A (Verified Buyer)


"My hair starting falling out at a rapid rate four months postpartum. After adding the collagen powder to my morning coffee every day for a month, I cannot believe how much healthier my hair & skin look.

Amando O (Verified Buyer)


"Have been trying it for the past month and I’ve had less hair falling out in the shower."

- Ash B (Verified Buyer)



"I’m convinced this product has hastened my healing, and after only a short time using it I can see improvements in my skin texture."

- Tara Z (Verified Buyer)


"Since using, I’ve had so many people comment on how great my skin looks"

Grace A (Verified Buyer)


"Not only has it helped heal my birth wounds but my nails and hair are visibly improved."

Eve B (Verified Buyer)



"I’ve notice less hair fall and stronger nails. I’ve seen the result before I run out of my first tub"

- Kirra F (Verified Buyer)


Love it! My nails were always weak from biting them when I was young. I could tell they were getting stronger after 2 weeks use! A month later and my postpartum hair loss is noticeably less!"

Sophie S (Verified Buyer)


"Since using this my nails have strengthened and my hair has thickened. Can not recommend this product enough."

Ebony C (Verified Buyer)

4. Blood Sugar Balance


"I’ve got diabetes and this is the best addition to managing your sugar levels. I had 1 scoop to my oats and it not only tastes delicious it keeps my sugar levels nice and low."

- Vicky C (Verified Buyer)


"My cravings have subsided and blood sugars and hormones more stable"

Tahlia C (Verified Buyer)


"Loved incorporating these into my daily routine during my pregnancy with gestational diabetes."

Shezil C (Verified Buyer)

5.Protein Requirements


"Fantastic postpartum to help get your protein needs with a bub in tow!"

Bernadette C (Verified Buyer)


"Knowing it's helping me to add in the right amount of protein and some other nutrients whilst being a busy mum of a newborn and 4 other children when I can at times forget to feed and nourish myself is amazing."

Jacinta S (Verified Buyer)


"After trying for a few months and having not much luck with wild LH levels I wish I gave it a go sooner! I fell pregnant a month after starting myo- inositol and I believe it definitely helped"

Amy M (Verified Buyer)

"Already seeing growth and positive changes in my skin and hair post-bub. So glad I got a subscription - I’ll be Rapunzel by Christmas"

- Phoebe W (Verified Buyer)

Just 2 months of collagen supplementation