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Hold The Mother- Molly
Molly is a Mother and a Postpartum Doula based in the North East suburbs of Melbourne. Providing care to mothers in their fourth trimester and beyond brings Molly so much joy, it is her passion to witness mothers thrive, feel content and held during the time after birth which often is centered around the cute little bub. 
Molly has over 10 years experience in a health promotion supportive role, and brings both personal and trained knowledge in the area of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Molly provides a range of services to clients, assisting them with whatever they might need during a cosy in-home visit - debriefing, creating a restful zen space, selfcare and mindfulness, light housework and provides nutritious postpartum meals and snacks. Molly is focused on creating community, supporting women to call on their village, surround them with love and reduce isolation.
To connect with Molly and chat about her services, you can visit: