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In my first eBook, we talked about the 1st major category of toxins to minimise on your prenatal to postpartum journey; Food and Supplement Additives
In my second eBook, which is coming out in a month's time, I will address the 2nd and final major category of toxins to minimise during this important stage in life. This missing piece relates to environmental toxins.
This includes common toxins found in personal care products, cosmetics, kitchen cookware, kitchen homeware, clothing, mattresses + more. Like our first eBook, we will run you through exactly what these toxins are, what common items you will find them in and how this may impact you on your prenatal to postpartum journey.
We will also provide you with 200+ clean product alternatives so you can make easy and healthy swaps without any confusion.

If you would like to sign up for VIP pricing for our second book, you can sign up by entering your first name and email address below. We have a total of 100 VIP spots available, with only 20 spots remaining!