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- Michelle

Michelle is a Qualified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner that services the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and beyond. She has a great passion for positive and empowered birth and enjoys teaching couples how to prepare for their own calm and positive birth experience no matter the circumstances.

She is passionate about supporting women to embrace the power of the mind-body connection during labour and birth. Through the Positive Birth Program mothers are fully equipped with the skills and tools necessary to achieve a positive birth. Partners are supported to become a strong, knowledgeable and positive force, and a great asset to the birthing woman advocating for their care throughout the birth process.

Commit to your positive birth today!
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Lilly is deeply passionate about creating space for women to feel into their own power, abilities and intuition on their journey into motherhood.

Lilly loves to blend her knowledge as a Registered Midwife with her skills as a Pilates instructor to infuse her education as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner with a holistic and health-conscious mindset. My hopes are to guide my clients with love and encourage our society to bring back the ritual of birth.