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Lactation Consultants

Trying to find an LC close to you? You can follow this link

Otherwise I'll pop some of my favourites below:

Kate Visser (Milky Business)

Kate is an experienced midwife, nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant from the NSW Central Coast. She is a proud mama of 3 and knows what it’s like to need professional breastfeeding support that is holistic and timely. Her life’s work is to see YOU thrive and flourish in the journey you want to have. She is passionate about providing education through courses and consultations to give you the best start at breastfeeding. Kate has a long standing history as an educator and also works with other professionals to make breastfeeding support inspiring, consistent and supportive.

You can contact Kate via her website or via email:

- Kamile 

Kamile is am a mother, wife, midwife, nurse and IBCLC.
Kamile worked as a midwife in a busy Melbourne hospital for 3 years before having her children. She is forever grateful for the knowledge and experience  gained while caring for these women.

Kamile has always been passionate about breastfeeding and the amazing bond it creates between mother and baby. After Kamile had given birth to her first born, she knew she wanted to pursue an IBCLC career and so she ventured off and began working privately. Kamile currently runs her own practice called, 'The Perfect Latch' where she provides breastfeeding education and in-home services to new mothers. Her goal is to educate and empower families during their pregnancies to ensure they have a smooth transition in to their postpartum journey.

Kamile explains that it is a privilege to empower and support women along their breastfeeding journey and only hopes that she can be of benefit to those in need. You can find her on Instagram by searching @theperfectlatch or email be at