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Pregnancy Exercise/Rehab

- Claire Falconer, IMH-C

Claire is exceptionally qualified and is a certified Women’s Hormone Coach, Pre and Post-natal Personal Trainer & Pre & post natal Yoga teacher. Nutrition coach and function medicine practitioner.

She has worked privately with hundreds of clients all over the world and has developed a passion for women's health especially hormonal health, preconception, pregnancy and post natal women.

Claire believes in living a balanced life. She believes that health, nutrition, fitness and wellness ultimately resembles vibrance and energy within you. It’s about living your best life and feeling the best you possibly can. When your whole body and mind are in alignment.

Claire can be contacted via her website or via email:


- G Lorri Fitness: 

Gabbi is a Registered Nurse/Midwife and personal trainer. You can join in on livestream sessions, face-face group sessions, childbirth education class and/or pregnancy personal training. 

G Lorri Fitness can be so much more than just pregnancy exercise. It can be a source to feel mentally healthy, physically well, holistically supported and prepared for birth.

Core & Floor Restore: 

Bernadette Lack or 'B' as she likes to be known is a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother and published author. As the suggests, B focuses on our core and pelvic floor and offers services including: Online exercise classes, coaching, pelvic floor chats, workshops, birth prep/debrief chats, and postnatal support. 


Zesty Movement:

Gisela is an accredited exercise physiologist and founder of Zesty Movement. The last couple of years she has been working across many exercise studies and teaching at the University of Queensland. Gisela absolutely loves her job and becoming a mother gave her even more appreciation of the human body. She found moving to be her go-to for mental and physical wellbeing. She has been helping mums ever since.

Gisela is ridiculously passionate about supporting mums through their pregnant bodily changes and their postpartum body rediscovery. Her aim is to provide you with the tools, knowledge and right mindset so you can become the best version of you and those around you. All her sessions are conveniently done via Telehealth.

Instagram handle : @zestymovement 
Contact details :