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Maternally Happy:

I may be biased because this is my own brand! I have created a range of products that I love, use and trust and have ensured high quality ingredients which are rigorously tested. Each product is third party microbiological and heavy metal tested to ensure high quality. Enter code TPC15 at checkout for 15% off your first order. Tell them Caitlin sent you!!

Beef Liver - Nahla Earth:

  • Organic, Grass Fed & Finished Beef Liver Powder
  • Manufactured in Aus
  • Rich in choline, B12, folate, iron, vitamin A and other key vitamins

Mothers Blend:

  • Good whole food to compliment prenatal
  • Predominantly organic, whole-food-based
  • In powder form
  • Important to note: Label isn’t specific about the amounts of nutrients per serving
  • Missing some key nutrients eg vitamin D
  • Will need to supplement with additional vitamins

If you would like to learn about specific supplement recommendations you can shop my guides here.