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Low Tox Products
Low Tox Products
Low Tox Products

Going Low Tox: Your Complete Guide To Everyday Products

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This eBook covers the 67 toxins found in our everyday products, lists their alternative names, where they are commonly found and discusses the impacts they can have on our health, specifically during the prenatal to postnatal period.

We delve into the major categories of products that women use everyday and the toxins found within those classes of products:

- Kitchen homewares

- Kitchen cookwares

- Personal care items (e.g. skincare, hygiene, cosmetic + more)

- Household cleaning products

- Clothing and underwear

- Mattresses and furniture

- Tap water, indoor air pollution + more.

For each class of product we discuss the chemicals to try and minimise and provide you with alternative products which are clean and contain less harmful chemicals and ingredients.

This includes a vast amount of prenatal to postpartum specific products. 

We have created this eBook so it is easy to follow and provide you with the exact products and links you need in order to make changes quickly.

By making cleaner swaps you will be avoiding chemicals that have been linked to:

- Hormonal imbalance and weight gain

- Reproductive concerns like PCOS and endometriosis

- Fertility concerns and pregnancy outcomes

- Skin issues like eczema and dermatitis

- Allergies

- Concerning health outcomes for baby + more

This is the one eBook that I wish I had sooner and the eBook I wish my mother had access to when I was growing up (we are always learning!).

The book is available in the following formats: