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Going Low Tox: Your Complete Guide To Food & Supplements

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“The 50 Additives In Food & Supplements To Minimise On Your Prenatal to Postpartum Journey”

Out of all the books I have written, I believe this to be the most important in terms of the ability to make positive health changes for you and your current/future family.

As someone one who has suffered from PCOS for a long time, minimsing my additive intake, becoming informed and picking cleaner options has been one of the single most effective strategies I have used for improving my symptoms naturally.

It has also made me feel more empowered about the habits I am setting and the choices I am making for myself and hopefully my future family. 

With that in mind, I have written this book in a way which is simple and easy to follow so you can make changes that will positively impact your health quickly, no matter what stage of the prenatal to postpartum journey you may be on.

A Sample of What You Will Find In This eBook:

- We address 50 of the most common food and supplement additives to minimise on your prenatal-postpartum journey.

- For each additive, we tell you what it is, what foods you are likely to find it in, the hidden names manufacturers use to confuse you and the health impacts specific to prenatal-postpartum.

- Given TGA listed supplements in AUS are not required to list their additives on labels, we show you step by step how to find these hidden additives (one common AU prenatal contains 17 additives, with one additive recently being banned in Europe).

- We want to make your life easy and have provided you with clean and healthy swaps without the rubbish. This includes healthier swaps for commonly asked about products like prenatal vitamins, baby formula, vitamin D/DHA for both mum/bub, iron, general grocery items, pantry items, healthier snacks, water filters, organic produce services + more (120+ products in total).

- We will also run you through a step by step process for what to look for in baby formula including milk, goat and allergy free options (blanket statements by health professionals saying to pick any formula is not best practice as quality differs vastly in this space).

- We will also teach you what the most bioavailable forms of vitamins are for products like prenatals and formula (In an easy to understand table). As you might not be aware, prenatals commonly do not contain the most bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals.

Who is This Book For?

- Women on all stages of their journey (fertility, prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum, family)

- Women on their journey who are time poor and want to make healthier choices quickly.

- Women with PCOS/Endo wanting to try a nutrition-based strategy for symptom relief.

- Women starting their lox tox lifestyle and are not sure where to start.

- Anyone who scratches their head when looking at labels.

- Those looking to show their partner they are proactive

- Men looking to improve sperm health and general wellbeing.

- Women unsure about what to look for in supplements.

- Families looking to make healthier choices for their kids long term.

- Anyone looking to be proactive about their health.

If you have any questions just shoot us an email at: