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Vitamin D Supplement Guide

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Do you feel overwhelmed or confused when looking for a high quality vitamin D supplement? Then this guide is for you.

This Vitamin D Supplement Guide provides comprehensive, evidence based information on the health benefits of vitamin D for pregnant and postpartum women. Learn about supplement recommendations and make informed decisions for optimal nutrition.

Research suggests as many as 50-90% of pregnant women are deficient in vitamin D. This is further depleted during pregnancy and postpartum where requirements increase significantly.

This guide contains all the necessary information, including:

  • Introduction to vitamin D
  • The importance of vitamin D in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Testing vitamin D
  • Determining dosage
  • Benefits of vitamin D supplementation for mother and baby
  • Risks of deficiency for mother and baby
  • Contraindications
  • Importance of supplement quality
  • Supplement considerations e.g who may find supplementation beneficial
  • Recommended daily intake during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Vitamin D supplement recommendations - including a plant based source for those who are vegan or vegetarian
  • As we know, sun is most optimal for vitamin D but I also provide food sources too